Good Grief! More Snow Forts Snowball Fight figures for Scouting Wide Games

A new source of snowballing figures – Lemax Christmas village figures – through the post today, bought online from various sources.

The snowy scene is complemented by a Christmas chapel with LED battery light (replacable batteries) £3 from UK store The Works.

Lemax Christmas Village #44241

They might need toning down to more drab old fashioned clothes.

However the more modern 50s onwards look of baseball cap and college sports jackets reminds me of another great Snowball fight scenario that might extend Snowforts and this Scouting Wide Games scenario.

Enter one Charlie Brown and friends …

Models by Schleich (Charlie Brown) and Macdonalds Happy Meals (spinning dancing magnetic Snoopy and Woodstock)

Snoopy as Scoutmaster featured in a previous blog post:

A ready made Patrol of names: Woodstock, Fred, Roy, Wilson, Harriet and all

Cue the Charlie Brown CBS TV series cool jazz music by Vince Guaraldi

More Snowballers

Here are the other packs I ordered. Added to the three figures above, 2 sets of each should give me almost two patrols or street gangs of eight each. Again some of the more modern clothes and colours may need toning down to look more vintage.

That’s the family Christmas village sorted out and to boot, a mid century Snowball fight version of the Snow Forts for a family Christmas game.

Some of these look too modern with puffer style jackets so a little remodelling with masking tape, tissue paper and paint was required.

This is what they look like now after ‘dulling down’ with a repaint of these prepainted figures, reach for a snowball fight:

The Blue Hills Boys: Biff, Andy, Goalkeeper Bob, Bart, Linus, Charlie, Schulz.
The Red River Gang – Dwight, Teddy, Abe, Gary, Otto, Goalkeeper Freddy and Marnie.

This weekend I tried out and play tested some rough Snowball fight rules using these new Street Gangs. Watch out for the game write up this week.

Blogposted by Mark Man of TIN, (1970s Cub Scout, Bronze Arrow, Retired) 22 / 27 October 2019

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