#FEMbruary Leap Day 2020 Girl Scouts Patrol Finished

Tissue Paper and PVA skirts, patrol scarf, hair and chests for that fuller female figure.

#FEMbruary each year is the annual challenge by Alex at Lead Balloony blog to create, paint and use more believable female miniatures (as Annie Norman at Bad Squiddo would describe them).

Daisy Patrol & trek cart, watched over by converted Scout Mistress & original Boy Scout figure.

This year my challenge was to complete my half patrol of early 1900s Girl Scouts from four to eight girls, converted from STS Little Britons 42mm range Boy Scouts  (LBB30 figure) sold by Spencer Smith Miniatures



I wanted to keep the “shiny toy soldier” look of William Britain’s figures so they have simple faces  with black dots for eyes, red lips and the essential fresh faced pink shiny cheek dots, as suggested by Andy Partridge of XTC and designer of Deutschland Homage 42mm Irregular Miniatures painting suggestions.


So no wash or weathering. I want my Girl Scouts to look like they were bashed out by Figure painters at Britain’s in the hollowcast days.

At last my Girl Scout “Daisy Patrol” with its 1908 to 1910 mix of uniform colours (blue, grey and green skirts before the dark blue Girl Guide uniform appeared) is now complete, but for a lick of gloss varnish and a little tweaking of faces.





I thought they could do with a trek cart for their travels and baggage so they have temporarily borrowed one from the Boy Scouts, a lovely little Phoenix 43 model, until they have made their own.

Happy Leap Day / Leap Year and Happy #FEMbruary to the new arrivals. 

Gladys, Ethel, Ginger, Daisy and the four new members of Daisy Patrol will be heading up with their bigger scout cousins to Woking for the 54mm Little Wars Revisited games day on 14 March 2020 for our proposed Scouting Wide Games  and Snow Forts Snowball Fight games.


Happy Leap Day / Leap Year and Happy #FEMbruary to you.

How have you spent your extra bonus Leap Day? 

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN (1970s Cub Scout, Bronze Arrow, Retired) on Leap Day, #FEMbruary 29th, 2020.


2 thoughts on “#FEMbruary Leap Day 2020 Girl Scouts Patrol Finished”

  1. Quite right, they wouldn’t look right with shading, etc. The glossy classic look is perfect and they look great.

    Best of luck with them on the games day!


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