My Woking Centrepiece 2020 Revealed!

Sadly I didn’t make it to Woking this year, putting off my trip last weekend from the West Country to London / Woking due to the developing Coronavirus situation. It seemed overcautious at the time but – what a difference a week makes!

Five hardy souls made it through to the LWR Woking 54mm Games Day and one of the visual highlights for me reading the reports online was the first glimpse of Mike Lewis’ Trumpton inspired Attack on Pippin Fort, one of the three surviving games of the day including a stylish Rorkes Drift and an attractive Ancients skirmish.

After all Mike’s hard work, this impressive game terrain will not now be seen at Salute 2020, which is postponed to become Salute 2021.


Some good close up pictures of Mike’s Pippin Fort and Bessie the armoured steam train arriving with reinforcements here:

Image from

On the LWR 54mm Forum there are some fun Trumpton inspired comments on the comments thread about what other Chigley, Camberwick Green, Trumpton features and characters might creep in by next year. Windy Miller and his Windmill was one popular suggestion.

Looking through the various web “labours of love” that are the Trumpton fan sites such as I was reminded of many scenes from my childhood viewing, my first soap opera.

Another feature that I remember fondly was the Trumpton Fire Brigade playing the concert in the Bandstand in the park, centre of Trumpton social life, which ended each episode.

I was reminded of the mysterious centrepiece I was taking along as part of my scenery for the snowball fighting game I was planning with Alan Tradgardmastre Gruber.

I intended taking this attractive Bandstand ‘table accent’ from Lemax along as terrain  for my Snow Fight game and Scouting Wide Games for the Tabletop at Woking Games Day. Maybe Mike Lewis will track one down for his stylish Trumpton games terrain?

The Bandstand, part of the Lemax Christmas range comes with optional Christmas wreaths

My snowballing Lemax figure conversions (1:32, 54 to 60mm) will have to wait another year to fight around the Bandstand, which will hopefully appear next year at Woking 2021.

Tradition of London photographer, Wendal bandsmen, hollowcast piper and others enjoy some music in the park. A plastic pirate wench  conversion stands with Moriarty.

You might have seen these Wendal bandsmen before in #MARCH.


I missed celebrating or marking both Marching Bands Day on 4th March and National Toy Soldier Day on 4th March. March Forth – get it?

Thanks to Mannie Gentile for the heads up on this Toy Soldier Day

Blogposted by Mark Man of TIN, 19 March 2020

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