Empire Scouts

My latest arrivals for Scouting Wide Games on the Tabletop are a mixed Patrol of Empire Scouts, reflecting the rapid worldwide spread of Scouting from 1908.

These are LBB30 Boy Scout figures in the STS Shiny Toy Soldiers / Little Britons 42mm range available from Spencer Smith Miniatures.


Patrol leader carries the Patrol flag. Despite slightly different uniforms, they have dark green patrol scarves

I painted half the Empire Patrol as Black or African Boy Scouts, the other half with lighter brown or coppery skintones as Indian, Asian or South American Boy Scouts.

This copper skin paint is how Britain’s and other gloss toy soldier manufacturers often painted native tribes or Indians. I avoided the almost “black and white minstrel” style painting of Zulu warrior faces that were common on early Britain’s figures.

Instead I have done black eyes, red mouth dot and copper cheek dots in place of the usual pink cheek dots that were common on gloss toy soldiers.

I painted the scout staffs as light wood in order to avoid clashing the usual staff paint colours with the skin tones used.


Colour schemes for these Empire Scouts uniforms are based on various cigarette or trade cards such as this Anstie’s Cigarette Cards researched on the distracting wonder that is Pinterest.

The Scouting websites have useful archive photographs too such as this colourful World Jamboree image from https://heritage.scouts.org.uk/explore/


All that remains to do on this Empire Patrol is some gloss varnish for that final toy soldier look.

You can compare these Empire Scouts with my other 1908 era European or British Boy and Girl Scouts, using the same castings. A versatile little figure!


Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN 3 April 2020

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