12 March – USA Girl Scouts founded by Juliette ‘Daisy’ Gordon Low 1912


From the daily Today in Conservation.com website:

“While living in London, she became friends with Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts.  Low liked the scouting idea and realized that a companion program for girls was needed.  She led several troops of Girl Guides, as they were called, in England. 

When she moved back to Savannah, she decided a U.S.-based program was needed, telling a cousin, “I’ve got something for the girls of Savannah, and all of America, and all the world, and we’re going to start it tonight!”

That night, March 12, 1912, she formed the first Girl Scout troop with 18 girls as members. 

“Low was correct—this was something that was needed and would grow.  From those 18 original scouts have come more than 50 million Girl Scout alumnae.  Currently about 2.5 million girls and leaders are involved in the U.S, and troops operate in 92 countries.”

Juliette Gordon Low with girls from the first Girl Scout Troop USA


You can read more about Juliette Gordon Low here:


Her birthplace in the South (in 1860 before the Civil War) in Savannah, Georgia is now an American Heritage List building, dedicated to the Girl Scout movement and its history :


Thankfully the purchase of the birthplace by the Girl Scouts of America in the 1950s when it was threatened with demolition protected it from ending up like many of the abandoned derelict houses on the fascinating Forgotten Georgia website and Facebook group.

Despite her increasing deafness, the adventurous Juliette Gordon Low had already helped out with some of the early Girl Guide groups in Britain before returning to the USA to establish the Girl Scouts of America.

The Girl Scouts of America began in a country where women still did not have the vote and suffrage, whilst segregation was still widespread, despite the Civil War. Suffrage and Civil Rights were still to come.

The British equivalent of the Girl Scouts started spontaneously along with Boy Scouts in response to Baden Powell’s Scouting for Boys 1907/08.

These British Girl Scout groups were mostly absorbed into the main Girl Guide movement from 1910, set up by Baden Powell and his sister Agnes. Some Girl Scout groups carried in various forms independently after that.

Juliette Low adapted the Baden Powell ‘British’ Boy Scout and Girl Guide manuals into an All American version How Girls Can Help Their Country in 1913. It is interestingly different from the British Girl Guide Manual (designed for home and Empire life) and adapted for roughing in a much more rugged, still near frontier country than Britain. The Boy Scouts of America had their own manual.

You can read more about the Girl Scout movement and Girl Guides in USA and Britain in other previous blog posts on our site:


Archery! The attractive colour tinted cover of the paperback edition.

Girl Scout figures for our Scouting Wide Games and Snowball Fights on the Tabletop?

Unlike the Boy Scout craze of figures, board games and merchandising from 1907/08, Girl Scouts did not attract quite the same interest from toy manufacturers.

William Britain’s Limited finally released a USA Girl Scout and Scout mistress toy figure set in the late 1920s with the British Girl Guide figures not appearing until 1934 for a short production run of only a few years.

So you might have to make your own Girl Scout figures in certain scales:


Daisy Patrol – STS Little Britons LBB30 42mm range Boy Scout – my conversions into early Girl Scouts


One of my Girl Scout patrols from the snowball fight games is named Daisy Patrol in her honour:


Juliette Daisy Gordon Low – quite an amazing woman.

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN (1970s Cub Scout Bronze Arrow, retired) 12 March 2021

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