DMZ Post no. 5 Scouting figures and Wide Games return

Demilitarised DMZ Post No. 5 – my (STS 42mm LBB30) Boy Scout Figures and others such as my Girl Scout / Girl Guide conversions are back out on the road and the tabletop again.

Ready for Wide Games and Snowball fights …

Trek Cart disaster … whoops!

S&D 1/43 Trek Cart Kit

Now the weather is better and supplies restocked I will soon be able to finish these figures and conversions in gloss varnish, shiny toy soldier style.


Not sure what Ron Weasley is doing there either … Does Hogwarts have a Scout and guide troop? Maybe there is a troll lurking under the bridge?


The Scouting Wide Games and snowball fight rules pages:

The original DMZ ‘demilitarised’ post –

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN, 5th March 2022

2 thoughts on “DMZ Post no. 5 Scouting figures and Wide Games return”

  1. Looking forward to seeing the Scouts out upon patrol. An interesting base board or mat you are using. Can you tell us a little more about it?
    P.s I hope Ron is a herald of some fantasy elements coming into the forthcoming games…


    1. The base board was kindly made for display by a railway modelling brother as a Christmas present. Still some work to do on the water / stream section.
      Good spotting of an enrobed Weasley Herald. Presumably Hogwarts Scouts and Guides would have the reverse challenge to make fire, shelter, etc without Magic and potions, Muggle style?


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