Kraznir Denamed and Rebooted 2022

Illustrations and original scenario: Escape from Kraznir (Oxford Secondary English, 1982) which I have now denamed including the map and made more generic for wider use.

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There are two countries separated by a river, call them what you will, let’s call them K—— and S——–.

The people of K ——- to the North are fierce and warlike. Their land is poor and little will grow there. Their ruler is called The General and he lives in a castle in the mountains.

To the south of K——- is S ——. It is a rich and beautiful country, whose people are peace-loving. [Add more details as desired]

Background Briefing

Rumours have reached the rulers of  S——- that the enemy General is planning to send an army to attack them.  They hurriedly prepare to defend themselves.  

You and a team of spies are sent to The Castle to find out about the General’s plans.  Your rulers want to know when and where he intends to attack.  

You are the leader of the spies. You and the spies have been successful.  Deep in the cellars of The General’s Castle you found the complete battle plans.  

These and many other valuable documents are stored in a large wooden chest.  

Now all you have to do as the spies is to get the chest and all its contents safely back to S ——–.

Your Companions

You have four companions:

  • a wizard / cleric
  • a hobbit/ thief / scout
  • a warrior / fighter
  • a dwarf / spy / pioneer or engineer

The Wizard or Cleric (Medic, Scientist?)

can make themself invisible.  They can turn evil creatures to stone, but this spell only lasts for five minutes and does not work near water.

The Warrior (or Fighter)

wears strong armour and carries a huge sword.  They are very brave and strong.

The Hobbit (or Thief or Scout)

is very small, only about a metre tall. They are quick and light footed, but not very strong.  They carry a small dagger or knife.  Because they are so nimble, they can usually escape from danger, provided they are not too tired.

The Dwarf (or Spy or Pioneer or Engineer)

Short, but broad and strong.  Accustomed to living underground, so can see in the dark and can make himself almost invisible. Very brave and carries a battle weapon [axe].

[Adapt character type names or create further character detail as needed. Characters have been made gender neutral.]

Your own character type as leader of the spies is not set out, (human?) unless you assume one of the characters.


How you got to this stage unobserved without attracting attention is a prequel scenario you can write for yourself.


 Mission Stage One  – Escape the Castle

 The five of you need to escape from The Castle and begin the journey home South with the plans.

First, you need to do these three things :

[1] Steal food for your journey home.

[2] Work out the safest route out of the dungeons.

[3] Escape with the plans chest and the food you have stolen.


 Study the sketch castle map and the pictures carefully.
End of tunnel on cliff edge – “The tunnel exit at the cliff” on map
The steep path shown on the map down the cliffs from the castle walls (which can be seen at the top).
Mission Stage One Challenges –
1. Decide how to get to the food without a general alarm being raised
2. Decide how to get from the food store to the start of the tunnel without being stopped
3. Decide how to get past the guard on the cliff top
4. Decide how the chest and the food are going to be carried.
Mission Stage Two – The Mountains
You have escaped from the castle and are now high up in the mountains.  It is very cold.  You have spent the night on a narrow ledge.  
It is just getting light.  There is a sheer drop below you and steep cliffs above. Suddenly you hear noises.  They get louder.

It is the followers of The General. He may have sent Spider troops, or Warg troopers, or Orc troopers.


2.1 Decide whether it is Spider, Warg or Orc  troopers that are attacking
2.2 Decide how your party can defend themselves against them
2.3 Decide whether anyone gets injured, dies and how to deal with or cure wounded

Giant Spider troopers

Their bite is poisonous to anyone, except nimbler characters like hobbits / thieves / scouts

Warg troopers

Wargs are man-eating wolves who also enjoy a meal of (dwarf or hobbit) thief or spy.  They are twice as big as the biggest dog you have ever seen.  

They do not touch wizards because wizards or clerics throw fireballs at them. Warg troopers are terrified of any kind of fire.

Orc troopers

Orcs are vicious, mean monsters which attack and eat absolutely any living creature.  They carry very sharp spears and have cruel teeth, but they wear no armour. Therefore they can easily be injured – if you can get close enough.


Mission Stage Three – The River

At last you have left the mountains.  Now you have reached the River.  the Generals Forces are still following you and are not far behind you.  

You must cross the river quickly.  It is very deep and fast-flowing, so you cannot swim it.  Luckily you have found a small boat.

River and Boat Information

 The boat will carry only four people, or the same weight as four people

It needs one person to row it and one person to steer it
There are up to five of you, unless any of you have been captured, wounded and left behind or died
There are also two bags of food.  Each bag weighs the same as one person
There is also the chest of battle plans and documents.  It weighs the same as one person
The wizard or cleric’s magic does not work on this river
Work out the shortest number of trips in which you can ferry the whole party and its luggage across the river.  
Do not forget that each time you have to send two people back across the river – the boat cannot row and steer itself !

Interruption / disaster strikes – as you start to put the plan into action something terrible happens.

  • Decide what is causing this interruption or disaster
  • Decide what happens to the boat
  • Decide what the rest of you do about it

Stage Four – The Stony Desert

You have crossed the river and reached the stony desert.  You are all very tired. You have not eaten for nearly six hours.

It is beginning to get dark.  You have decided to make camp in a rocky place.

Just at that moment there is a fearful noise.  You look round and find yourselves face to face with a terrible creature.  

It is nearly dark and at first you cannot see whether it is a Dragon, or a Margatroth or a Balrog.


The dragon is 15 metres long and, like most dragons, breathes flame.  It can kill by burning or by crushing its enemies in its jaws.  The wizard or cleric is sometimes able to speak to it and soothe its anger.  

This does not always work, so it is unwise to rely on it.  The warrior can kill it with his sword – if they can get close enough.


The Margatroth is a huge creature with two heads, one at each end.  It has fierce teeth and six legs.  It is very dangerous to all living creatures, except thieves.  They are too small [or stealthy] for a  Margatroth to see easily.  It can only be killed by chopping off one of its heads.


The Balrog’s body is made of fire.  It can glow dully or flame brilliantly.  The only weapon you can use against it is water.  The only water you have is your small supply of drinking water, and you are in the middle of a desert.  There is one chink of hope: the Balrog only moves quite slowly.


  • Decide which of these creatures is attacking you
  • Decide how you and your companions will defend yourselves
  • Decide what happens in the end


Mission Stage Five: The Forest
At last you have reached the Forest. You have to find your way through this thick and dangerous forest.  On the other side is the River border to your country  and freedom.  
The forest is the home of dark forces of an evil magician called Nehemath.  
If anyone tries to pass through the forest, Nehemath becomes very angry and tries to stop you.  
In addition you have a number of mission problems:
You have lost all your food and are all becoming weaker
The thief is now so weak that they have to be carried
You may also have lost your water on Mission stage four (The Balrog)
The wizard or cleric’s spells do not work in the forest.
Discover what hasty scheme Nehemeth has to stop you passing through the woods
Decide how your party tries to survive this and what happen
Decide how you escape from the forest

Mission Stage Six – The River and Home

Decide how you cross the River home.
Debrief and welcome home.


This scenario and the four characters denamed could be reimagined for magical special forces, up to 19th Century Ruritanian Zenda, even a weird or wyrd WW1 / WW2

One of the original illustrations of the four characters :

The original 1982 Kraznir setting from Oxford English Textbook 1 (Oxford University Press 1982) features Games Workshop style black and white illustrations of characters and places in a familiar style to my 1981/2 Dungeons and Dragons starter set.

Miss Ransom in her WordPress version uploaded a series of random colour fantasy images of characters and monsters that are more likely to appeal to modern young people than black and white.

Enjoy – I have this scenario stored away for future use.
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