Do you wanna build a snowman? Kinder Egg snowy surprises!

In a world increasingly devoid of plastic tat (now Macdonalds is passing out its Happy Meal Plastic Toys), we all need the occasional Kinder Egg to top up the plastic figure conversion box.

Previous Kinder Eggs had yielded small cartoon dragons or cheery monsters and a small hippo.

These recent Kinder Eggs on offer in the local garage were Disney Frozen characters, so worth investigating.

I was lucky with an Olaf the Snowman – cue the Disney song “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” Building this snowman was quite simple as he only had three plastic bits to fit together.

Olaf can join or challenge the (Evil) Snow Goons as required for Snowball fight games or ‘wyrd’-er Scouting Wide Games.

Cue Those Evil Snow Goons (from a July game) meet the Girl Guides …

The second Kinder egg Frozen character figure had a mossy green troll look to it, so good maybe for Bronte Yarkshire ImagiNations or those Wyrd Scouting Wyrd Wild Games?

According to the Frozen Wiki, this troll is called Pabbie, “also known as Grand Pabbie to those close to him. He is a wise, elderly troll whose knowledge of magic helped Anna on more than one occasion.”

To match the Disney Frozen joy of Kinder Surprises, we will unleash its ear-worm theme song of “Let It Go” (Demi Lovato)

So I also explored the joyous world of Punk Rock Disney song covers. They really happily do exist!

Let It Go –

Let It Go (live)

The first of these is a spirited Punk Rock Factory cover version of “Let It Go” including Jaret Reddick the lead singer from American punk band Bowling for Soup. The second is a live version; there are plenty more energetic live concert versions of this cover as well.

Kinder Surprise, Disney and punk rock in one “Happy Post” TM.

Posted by Mark (Snow) Man Of TIN, 4 December 2022

“The cold doesn’t bother me anyway …”


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