Secret Snowballing Team for New Gaming Year Resolutions Year 2023?

Whose legs are these?

It’s been a busy year at Scouting Wide Games, full of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and Mutant Snowmen (without much real snow) on the Tabletop.

This past year this blog has also been a great Demilitarised solace to me after the invasion of Ukraine in February 2023.

What will next year 2023 bring?

Crossposted from my Man Of TIN Blog Two, includes mention of an unusual new snowball team to paint and take to the Woking 54mm Games day in March 2023.

This was my main Christmas present … watch this space!

Great service and crisp castings from Antony and family at Imperial Miniatures, continuing that Dorset Model Soldier tradition.

Happy New Year to all my readers!

Posted by Mark Man Of TIN, 1970s Cub Scout (Bronze Arrow, retired), NYE 31 December 2022


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