4th Of July – Camp Fire Girls USA and the Minute Girls Of WW1

Happy 4th Of July to all the American readers of my blog.

Camp Fire Girls USA in wartime – and the Minute Girls 1917 version

My Boy Scout figure conversions into 1910s WW1 1920s Camp Fire Girls and Minute Girls in blue skirts, white tops, red neckties – red, white and blue. patriotic colours of the American flag.

African-American Camp Fire Girls are part of my patrol.

Girl Scouts Of America (Below) flag raising 1910s 1920s era

Girl Scouts of America Handbook 1913

Girl Scout Of America (second from right in khaki).

Happy Fourth Of July to my tiny Girl Scouts and Camp Fire Girls USA.


I have more work and painting this year to do to produce Boy Scouts Of America and Girl Scouts of America figure conversions for my Scouting Wide Games for the Tabletop Project.

I shall be sure to paint some African-American, Mexican American and Native American Boy Scouts Of America and Girl Scouts of America.


The Scoutmaster’s Handbook Boy Scouts of America 1911


And not forgetting the most famous American Boy Scout troop and Beagle Scout patrol leader – Happy 4th Of July Snoopy, Woodstock and Friends

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN, 1970s British Boy Scout (Bronze Arrow, retired), 4th Of July 2022.