About Tabletop Scouting Wide Games

Welcome My name is Mark, Man of TIN and I am developing tabletop or garden scale figure games based around Scouting ‘Wide Games’ in the early period of scouting from about 1907 to the early 1950s, when the old bush hat uniform changed.

It develops a dedicated page on my varied “Man of TIN” blog which otherwise deals with my general gaming activities.

My co-creator or co-developer of these rules and games is Alan Gruber, otherwise known as the Tradgardmastre of the long running Duchy of Tradgardland blog.

We are using Scouting Games scenarios from Baden Powell’s Scouting for Boys (1907), and their developments into first or early handbooks for the Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America and Girl Scouts or Guides in Britain, inspired by purchasing a junk shop find of a vintage Scouting ‘Wide Games of 1933’ handbook.


Enjoy the journey with us and our tiny characterful Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.