British Camp Fire Girls WW1 1920s -1970s

This blog page lists posts about the short-lived British version of the Camp Fire Girls movement, which existed in Britain from WW1 and 1921 until the late 1960s just into the early 1970s. Little is now published or remembered about this youth movement.

Uniform Reference

1920s Press coverage

1930s press coverage

1940s – 1960s coverage.

The founder in Britain was Margaret Ann Backhouse, helped by others such as M.H. Helen Clegg, Norah Ackerley and many Camp Fire Guardians (adult leaders). Birmingham and the Midlands was a core area despite the National Headquarters being in London but groups existed nationwide across England.

Margaret Ann Backhouse and Norah Ackerley

Margaret Ann Backhouse and Edith Kempthorne USA

EJO Elsie J. Oxenham, writer and Camp Fire Guardian

My 1925 British Camp Fire Girls handbook

Other sources

Dr. Sian Roberts

Ceremonial gown dress, symbolism and ‘Cultural Appropriation’ issues about Native American Culture