Var redo! Alltid redo! Swedish Flat Tin Soldier Scouts 1914?

Tony Kitchen in his excellent Tin Soldiering On Blog has unearthed an interesting 1913 Swedish book on tin soldiers (flat or semi flat) by Ossian J.D. Elgstrom:

Looking through the online copy in Swedish, I noticed at the back some interesting figures who could be Boy Scouts carrying Scout staffs (109/110) or blowing a bugle (111) perhaps?örfattare/ElgströmO/titlar/HurManFörKrigMedTennsoldater/sida/82/faksimil

I was sure that these are Scouts even though they look like they are mixed in with mounted cowboys in similar hats.

Plansch or plate VI index on page 80 lists No. 109, 110 och (and) 111 as “boyscouter”

and Santessons fabrikat or fabricated / made by Santessons of Stockholm.

“Duga bra till artillerister vid grovt artilleri. Uniform brun khaki” means roughly “Good for artillerymen with heavy artillery. Uniform brown khaki” suggesting another use for these Boy Scout figures as Boer artillery crew?

Charming poses though with their haversacks and scout staves.

The date is right – 1913/14 – to coincide with early Scouting, if unfortunate a publication date, as was Wells’ Little Wars, although Sweden remained neutral in both world wars.


Scouting and Guiding was established quite early in Sweden according to

Scouting in Sweden was founded in 1908-1910 by Ebbe Liberath and Guiding followed in 1910.

Alternatively, Swedish Scouting was founded by Emil Winqvist (1908).

Physical education teacher Eble or Ebbe Lieberath in Gothenburg was also instrumental in launching Swedish Scouting. He was interested in some form of youth activity for his students. He had heard of Wandervogel in Germany and came across a copy of Baden-Powell’s book Scouting for Boys while traveling to England. He translated it into Swedish. Source:

The Swedish Boy Scouts were among the charter members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1922. The Girl Guides were among the founders of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 1928. (Wikipedia source)

Swedish Scouting has close relations to the Swedish Royal family.

The Swedish Scout Motto is: “Var redo!” – “Alltid redo!” (Be Prepared! – Always prepared!)

Interestingly for my current Scouting Wide Games new patrol research, there were several denominational Scout groups including the Salvation Army ones.

Frälsningsarméns Scoutförbund, (The Salvation Army Guide and Scout Association, or FA Scout) was a Scout association in Sweden with 1,400 members.  It was founded in 1912, and headquartered in Stockholm. On January 1, 2010 the FA Scout Association joined the SSF main Swedish Scout association Scouterna.

Image source: online and

Flat Scouts and Zinnfiguren

The first scout figures that I cast in 2019 were semi-flat 60mm scouts in two poses, Scout bugler or Scout at attention.

This Swedish book or figure catalogue may partly answer Alan Tradgardland Gruber’s question about whether I had come across any more Scouting flat figures, as you would expect, early Scouting was popular in Germany, home of the Tin Soldier.

Blog posted by Mark Man Of TIN, 1970s British Cub Scout (Bronze Arrow, retired) on 11 August 2022


Colin Johnny Walker’s “Lead Jamboree” page on his Scouting Milestones site also used to feature flat Scouts but this does not seem to be displaying images correctly