Quarter Staff drill developed from simple duelling rules

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Simple Duelling Games Rules – using cards and / or dice – ranging from peaceful fencing and quarter staff drill to self defence, Bartitsu Edwardian martial arts, suffragette self defence through to wartime and naval bayonet drill:

Quarter Staffs, Boys Life Magazine June 1912 – from Pinterest / Northern Bush website.

“Nobby sez mind yer knuckles!” Quarter Staff Drill and Duelling with Staves.


From Boy Scout (and Girl Scout / Guide) Quarter staff drill to Robin Hood meets Little John quarter staff fight at the River (“That’s yer Chivalry and yer Cloak Of Romance, that is! “)


Duelling and staff drill rules

All based on my Lunge and Parry Rules, developed from Gerard De Gre’s Duelling Rules in Donald Featherstone’s wargaming in bed jousting and duelling rules in his 1960s Solo Wargaming book.


With a little simple rules clarification into dice throws from Kaptain Kobold (thanks)!


Bartitsu Edwardian early martial arts in Britain, self defence and Edwardian paint balling with wax bullets (ouch!)