Splafiti, Suffragraffiti, Splatack and Skateboarders

*** Page under construction 02/2020***


Summary or listing page of blog posts for the following rules / games

1. Spla-tack! Tabletop paint balling

Paintzookas, Paint-rollers, paint-throwers … at last, a daft painty use for those excess heavy equipment infantry figures. 

Paint them in suitable non military painty colours? Orange, pink, yellow for a change …



2. Splafiti Skateboarders and graffiti tagging

Dominate your neighbourhood’s graffitied walls and overspray your rivals’ artwork whilst dodging on your skateboard the flatfoot cops and council workers! 


Toy boarders from Vat19.com


3. Suffra-graffiti 

Edwardian Suffragettes on Roller Skates billposting and tearing down rival posters all whilst avoiding the police and ruffians