Quarter Staff Duelling 1 – British and American Camp Fire Girls

Figures were numbered on their MDF base, which links to a names list in my notebook (and online) – personalised wargaming, as Featherstone calls it.

This duelling can be done more simply using dice, for example in melee, thanks to this clever dice simplification by Kaptain Kobold of The Stronghold Rebuilt.

Easy to play solo as each cut, stop thrust, parry and lunge or random mishap is dictated by the draw of the cards, periodically reshuffled. Each contestant starts with three Life Points, the winner of the bout receives an extra Victory or Life point before the next contestant arrives.

Rules – Based on Gerard de Gre / Donald Featherstone duelling in Solo Wargaming – can be found amongst the links on this post –


Above, the African American Camp Fire Girls spar amongst themselves to find their champion. Go Meesh! Go Meesh!

Below, British Camp Fire Girls square up against their equivalent Camp Fire Girls USA in this quarter staff tournament.

Medic! British Camp Fire Girl down! Beware those slips, trips and falls – A member of the Church Girls Brigade or Church Red Cross Brigade ‘First Aid Girls’ rushes to administer assistance.

The British Camp Fire Girls Side is indicated by some original BCFG badges that I picked up inexpensively online as part of my research into this now forgotten youth movement.

Blog posted by Mark Man Of TIN, 1970s British Cub Scout (Bronze Arrow, retired) 23/24 July 2022.