Quarter Staff Fighting 2 – Girl Scouts and Guides UK versus Girl Scouts Of America 1910s 1920s

Girl Scouts Of America GSA

These young ladies in khaki spar and practice amongst their patrol to find the last young woman standing … the troop or patrol quarterstaff champion! They will then play off against other patrols of Guide and Girl and Boy Scout groups.

‘Red’ Annie No. 4 battled it out with ‘Lucky’ No. 7 for the Patrol champion, (Wo)Man at Arms champion of this Girl Scouts of America patrol 722.

Girl Scouts of America figure conversions



Knockout Quarter Staff tournament

When one contestant is “knocked out” (occasionally literally if such a random card is drawn – First Aid is a Guide speciality), the winner adds a ‘Victory’ Life point before the next fresh contender arrives with their fresh three points. Tweak the Life Points as you wish, mine start with 3.

As you add friction, grit and RPG character to the game, you could have Guide or Scout characters who have higher or lower (Wo)Man at Arms badges or ratings than average. RPG ‘swiftness’ could add an extra Life Point or two, or cancel out a random card etc. Lots of possibilities.

That’s RPG as in Role Playing Games rather than Rocket Propelled Grenade – most unsporting in a quarter staff fight.

Previously on Scouting Wide Games,

Camp Fire Girls USA versus the British Camp Fire Girls in their quarter staff knock out tournament


Further Uses of the Staff


The Robin Hood ‘Cloak Of Romance’ https://manoftinblog.wordpress.com/2020/05/30/quarter-staff-fighting-in-sherwood-forest/

and rules for Quarter Staff Fighting – Card driven


And the fast dice simplification by Kaptain Kobold, seen here in our Camp Fire Girls of America patrol tournament:

Figures are named, these linked to the numbers 1 to 8 under the base. Personalised gaming.

Now for the next group …

Early Girl Scouts and Girl Guides Of Britain / New Zealand / the world etc.

C. 1908, 1910s to 1920s. It’s my original snowfort / snowballing “Daisy” Patrol. I don’t have a patrol of Guides in blue uniforms yet.

Gladys, patrol leader or No. 1 (in blue) versus No. 5 Mabel in khaki – thwack!

Gladys defeated Mabel, Lily, Daisy and Maud before losing to Ethel …

Eventually Ethel the Patrol No. 2 defeats No. 4 Agnes.

Ethel defeated Gladys, Ginger and Agnes. Ethel is the patrol champion!


Girl Scouts Of America versus Girl Scouts and Guides of Britain etc.

And finally the winning Girl Guide / Girl Scout Daisy patrol champion #2 Ethel squared up against the Girl Scouts Of America champion #4 ‘Red’ Annie.

Early Girl Scout / Guide “Daisy patrol” versus Girl Scouts Of America patrol 722 – all assembled to watch.

The winner: ‘Red’ Annie No. 4 of the Girl Scouts Of America 722 patrol / troop.

Figures are conversions from STS 42mm range Little Britons LBB30 Boy Scout figure.

Next up, the Boy Scouts of Britain and the Empire and overseas troops.

Finally the patrol champions of each Boy and Girl Scout and Camp Fire Girls Group will meet!

Blog posted by Mark Man Of TIN, 29 July 2022


3 thoughts on “Quarter Staff Fighting 2 – Girl Scouts and Guides UK versus Girl Scouts Of America 1910s 1920s”

  1. Splendid scene and competition, fun for all! A excellent game which can have add one making it as complicated or simple as you like. A win , win situation imho.
    Are we going to see an archery competition next?


    1. Thanks Alan. There is a nice solo game programmed luck of the draw feel to turning the cards and the random cards. I think I should add in more randomness cards over time.

      Archery would be interesting most of the Scouts, Guides and other youth groups. I shall have to think up a simple mechanism for this.


    2. In place of archery next you will see a mutant living Snowmen Scouts (The Lost Patrol) versus Girl Guides quarterstaff Fight, somewhere in the snowy wilds of Britain (or Europe).

      A close run thing – There was almost a need for the scoutmistress to use flaming arrows, as the danger of tackling snowmen or snowwomen with snowballs is that they can sometimes add to a snowman, rather than defeat and diminish him. Unless you knock off a snowman’s arm, a carrot nose, coal eyes etc. that is


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